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Algae infused
tastebud approved!

Marine-plant based fruit infusion.
Makes your gut sparkle!

Our Flavors

2 Types of
Fiber Inside:

Soluble fiber is a good microbiome which improves your gut health and regulates its activity

Insoluble fiber supports the movement of your guts and having a better digestion

Make Your Gut Sparkle

The tea flavor and the fruit taste blend really well giving it a refreshing taste. There is a slight viscosity to the drink making it a unique drink texture I have never tasted before!

I just have to say that I am obsessed with this product. I am blown away at how yummy and filling it is at such low calories. There is truly nothing like this out there and I can't wait for it to get launched officially.

OoMee’s story

What is OoMee?

‘OoMee’ comes from ‘umi,’ the Japanese word for ‘ocean.’ Inspired by the significance of seaweed in Japan, this drink expresses how much the OoMee brand values Japanese culture.

OoMee is the very first product in the beverage market which includes agar-agar as one of the ingredients, which is a powder extracted from red algae.

Why otters?

Otters are the saviors of seaweed! They protect it by feeding on sea urchins, seaweed’s mortal enemy. By keeping the sea urchin population in check, sea otters help maintain the delicate balance in marine habitats, ensuring seaweed can thrive and do its important job of absorbing carbon dioxide.


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