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Hi! We are OoMee!
And this is our story

‘OoMee’ comes from ‘umi,’ the Japanese word for ‘ocean.’ Inspired by the significance of seaweed in Japan, this drink expresses how much the OoMee brand values Japanese culture.

OoMee is the very first product in the beverage market which includes agar-agar as one of the ingredients, which is a powder extracted from red algae.


Our main ingredient

Agar-agar itself is very hard to process since its raw material, red alga, is a very delicate plant in which their quality drastically change depending on their harvested condition such as the sea temperature or the region where it was harvested.

We are the only company in the US who has partnership with a No1. Japanese agar-agar company who have developed their special processing technology to make standard high quality agar-agar on every batch.

Meet our founder :

Alissa Miky, CEO of OoMee

Alissa is a Japanese social entrepreneur, youngest awardee of Forbes Japan 100 Women in 2019, and Business Insider Japan’s “Game Changer 2019”, as well as an award-winning public speaker and news commentator viewed by over thousands of people on live.

Recently, she has been recognized by the Milken Institute for outstanding progress in the development of marine plant-based technology and her active role in philanthropy.

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