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What is OoMee?

OoMee is a marine-plant based fruit infusion drink that powers your health with the fiber your digestion system needs using sustainable clean ingredients. We have named our product OoMee, a word that embraces two meanings. The first is derived from ‘umi,’ the Japanese word for “ocean.” In Japan, seaweed is a staple food supporting health and unity with nature.  The second is derived from the importance of self-affirmation and good energy. We want people to smile and say, “Oo, mee!” while they enjoy our drink, knowing they’re doing something good for the body and good for the planet.

How is OoMee produced and why should I drink OoMee?

OoMee is the first product to use red algae extract to power a functional gut-healthy beverage.  Unlike common agar agar, our extract has the quality, consistency and ecological sensitivity for good food manufacturing.  For years the Japanese people used seaweed as part of their diet and it has contributed to their good gut health. 

Can you tell us why this product is good for our health?

 OoMee drinks are not only a natural source of prebiotic soluble fiber that helps our gut’s microbiome (the healthy bacteria that support digestion) become healthy but it is also a source of insoluble fiber. (which most drinks in the market do not have!)  Having insoluble fiber included in a balanced diet is important to help promote healthy passage of food through our digestive tract.  

What is Marine Plant Tech?

We call ourselves the "Marine-Plant Tech Company''. Our journey began with the creation of "Crystal Treats'' made from agar, a type of marine plant. Later, the more we learned about agar and marine plants, the more we realized that there are countless benefits not only in human beings, but also in the global environment. So we decided to evolve from a confectionery company to a food tech company using marine plants.